Sheffield Refractories produces a FULL RANGE of Monolithic Refractory Products including:

  • • Conventional Castables
  • • Conventional Gunmixes
  • • Low Cement & Ultra Low Cement Castables
  • • Low Cement Gunmixes
  • • Pumping Grade Castables
  • • Self Flow Castables
  • • Shotcrete Materials
  • • Loose Ramming Materials
  • • Extruded Plastic Materials
  • • Wet, ready to use, Mortars
  • • Dry Mortars
  • • Blast Furnace Casthouse Castables, Gunmixes, Dry Vibe Materials
  • • Blast Furnace Taphole Clays
  • • Ladle Well Fillers
  • • Coke Oven Monolithics
  • • Induction Furnace Linings
  • • Precast Items

Our current Product Range includes in excess of 250 unique, different products and we remain open to investigate the feasibility of custom designing materials for new applications.

Sheffield Refractories also stocks Insulating plus Low and Mid Alumina Bricks and a comprehensive range of Insulating fibre and board.


A full range of monolithic refractory materials to suit all applications and installion techniques.

Taphole Clay

Clays designed specifically for the furnace and the conditions of the plant.


Precast shapes from less than a kilo up to several tons.